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Sarissa website

A cutting-edge website for this state-of-the art sailing yacht. There is an Owner's area where the boat's passages are tracked and there are charter-specific photo galleries.
This site also contains a full content management system so that every element of the site can be easily updated.

Client: Hill Robinson Yacht Management Consultants

posted Jun 2012
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Bliss photo shoot

A full day shoot in the Porquerolles of this racy yacht. The style brief was 'James Bond', and the colour palette was limited to black, white and silver. Q provided and art directed photography, helicopter, model and stylist.

Sergei Dobroserdov, Director, Nakhimov :

“Everything was organised in a perfect way for QE photo shoot; models, photographers, helicopter, travel logisitics, stylist. As a result we received beautiful photos which help our marketing every day.”

posted Jun 2012
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Katara III leather, stationery and accessories

Leather binders, letterheads, envelopes, telephone pads, napkins, lighters.

Client: Y.CO

posted May 2012
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Vava II Spa Brochure

Opalescent paper, silver foil logo. The spa brochure and goodies were provided in time for the Vava II launch. Q also provided a full collection of white leather interior items and stationery.

Client: Vava II

posted Mar 2012